John Deerman

Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas


John is a third generation furniture designer with twenty-eight years of experience. His great grandfather immigrated to the United States from Germany in the early 20th century and set up shop in Los Angeles where he was a well-respected chair maker. John’s grandfather and granduncle both ran successful, fine furniture stores located in Bel Air and Beverly Hills, California.

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John started his furniture career in 1993 with lines of exclusive New England and California Mission style furniture. While his studies include many of the masters of our time, John gives great credit to his studies through James Postell, a Professor Emeritus at University of Cincinnati for the degree of skill he has attained. The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning is ranked among the very best in both a world and national class, year-after-year.


Designing furniture is equal amounts balance, function, and durability. John doesn’t work from the ego but begins with the client’s needs and wants. Asking the right questions to find the perfect solution and then getting the design to correctly match with the client’s vision is important for true enjoyment.

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John designs and builds custom furniture for clients as a complete service. The utmost of care is given to provide service and maintain privacy. Due to complexity and scope of the projects John only takes on about six custom furniture pieces a year.

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